Intra Aerosol is a natural product, based on a blend of quality essential oils, being eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol. It is completely safe to use having many benefits when administered through periods of stress, such as heat stress, respiratory problems and vaccine reaction. In the case of heat stress, it is a known fact that chickens do not perspire and as such they pant in order to relieve excessive heat. Intra Aerosol helps decrease the amount of mucus build up in the respiratory tract, hence allowing for easier breathing.

Respiratory problems manifest in the formation of large amounts of slime causing decreased oxygen uptake. Mucus is a risky medium for bacterial growth in the chicken, which could result in poor performance and high medication costs.

Intra Aerosol is a water-soluble solution, it does not pollute the drinking water system. Application can be via the drinking water at a ratio of 0.02%, 200ml per 1,000 liters water, or applied as a mist over the heads of the chickens, by means of a ULV or misting machine. Treatment should be for 3 to 4 days or as and when necessary. Available in 5 litre cans.

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