• Intra Hydrocare

    Intra Hydrocare

    Purifies the complete watering system both during and after the production period

  • Intra Aerosol

    Intra Aerosol

    A natural product that helps decrease the amount of excessive mucus in the respiratory tract in animals

  • Intra Chickpaper

    Intra Chickpaper

    A high quality chicken paper, indispensable in ensuring a successful growth pattern

  • Klinofeed


    A broad spectrum mycotoxin binder

  • Ascogen


    A natural immune facilitator

  • Zincoret S

    Zincoret S

    Unique organic Zinc Oxide

  • Panbonis


    Natural active vitamin D3

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Our suppliers

  • Intracare
  • Elanco
  • Chemoforma
  • Unipoint
  • Vetagro
  • Herbonis AG

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