Intra Hydrocare

Intra Hydrocare is the ideal cleaning product. Intra Hydrocare easily purifies the complete watering system (storage reservoirs, pipes, drinking nozzles, cups and towers), both during and after the production period.


It essential that watering systems are cleaned regularly, because contaminated drinking water increases the risk of illness, reduces water intake, and causes an increase in leakage from nozzles. You can quite imagine what this ultimately means for production results. Moreover, without regular cleaning, the contamination can become so serious that disassembly or replacement of the watering system is the only solution. It is best to prevent this.

The cleaning of a watering system should be effective and must be carried out with the least possible effort and with minimal risk of damage to equipment. This means that the space being cleaned, the material being cleaned and the degree of contamination must be taken into consideration in all cases. Another important aspect is the biodegradability of the purification product. It must never be forgotten that both the contaminants and cleaning product eventually end up in the environment. Effective cleaning is vitally important and Intracare helps you achieve this.

Intra Hydrocare is available in the following sizes... 1 litre, 10 litre


  • 100% stability
  • Maximum disinfectant capacity
  • Maximum cleaning capacity
  • Completely safe to use
  • Non corrosive (in right dilution)


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