Intra Aerosol

Intra Aerosol is a natural product based on essential oils and helps the animals to decrease the amount of excessive mucus in the respiratory tract. This way Intra Aerosol stimulates the air and feed intake. Intra Aerosol can be used during heat stress or to decrease vaccination reactions. It can be administered to the drinking water or used by spraying or misting. Respiratory problems often manifest in formation of large amounts of slime. The animal will have a decreased oxygen intake, which results in less energy with all the negative consequences. Besides that, mucus is a risky medium for bacterial growth. Therefore respiratory diseases could cause severe economic damage by a decrease in water- and feed intake, production and vitality of the animal.
Intra Aerosol is available in the following sizes... 1 litre, 5 litre


  • Based on natural essential oils; eucalyptus, menthol and peppermint
  • Effective by respiratory and breathing problems and heat stress
  • Prevent reactions on vaccinations
  • Stimulates air intake, feed intake and energy metabolism
  • Water-soluble, does not foul the drinking-water system


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